Days Away

June 21, 2010

In less than a week I and 15 other people will be on our way to South Africa. We’ll be there for 11 days traveling between Johannesburg and East London speaking at churches, high schools and universities, villages as well as a couple events around the area of the World Cup. At the end of our time in South Africa we’ll move on to Uganda. Here 4 more members of our team will meet up with us. We’ll be in Uganda for the remainder of our trip, another 16 days.

In Uganda we have a lot of very exciting plans! We’ll be connecting with a production crew that will travel with us, we’ll be setting up concerts  in different village areas. We’ll also be taking a bunch of miscellaneous supplies such as computers that different contacts have requested to help assist in their day to day activities. We will also be bringing a TON of donated soccer equipment for the kids down there. I am especially looking forward to spending time with the people, and learning each of their stories!

I’m looking forward to this trip immensely! I’m looking forward to going with this group of people, getting to know each member of our team on a different level, to experiencing new and different cultures, to meeting new people, and hopefully making a positive impact on their lives not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. I’m  also looking forward to seeing how God will use me and the rest of the team, and how God will use the people we come in contact with to impact our lives.

I’m thankful to all who have made this trip possible! Not only for me, but for each and every person going with me. I ask though that each of you would continue to keep this trip and each of us and our families staying behind in your prayers. I look forward to sharing my experiences with each of you when I return.

If you’d like to stay connected with my thoughts while away, I will try and update this blog with short updates on our trip and our current happenings. But be sure and check Facebook and Twitter to be sure that you don’t miss anything!

Thanks again! God bless!

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Africa 2010!


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